Why it’s the right rime to invest in Customer Feedback


As an investor, you know the importance of staying abreast of the latest technological innovations, breakthroughs, and trends. What becomes even more important is to determine the trends from the fads. We’re firmly in the camp that CX isn’t a fad, nor is it a trend. In fact, CX is set to shape the future of how we interact with our consumers.

Here are the top points that explain why venturing into the realm of customer feedback may yield promising future returns.

  1. The Customer Experience market is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to Grand View Research, the market is expected to be worth over $32 billion by 2025. As part of the suite of offerings within Customer Experience, collecting Customer Feedback is one of the top priority along with Digital Transformations.

  2. Customer service and success is more important than ever before. It’s taken the world some time to catch up with what Bezos was saying in ’99, but we’re finally here. The idea is not only to implement the latest technological resources at our disposal but have a clear understanding of how they contribute to a customer’s experience. Apart from testing various variations of your offerings, how is it that you improve the customer’s experience? Through customer feedback.

  3. There have been a multitude of investments lately in the customer feedback sector, indicating that this sector is on the rise. What’s more, traditional online customer feedback platforms like Survey Monkey are starting to recognize the value of offline customer feedback in the real-world; ultimately, it’s about tying in together the whole customer journey, not just part of it.

  4. Twistar is not a hardware play, but rather a platform play. Sure, we have an award-winning product design, but that’s just the start. Our 360-degree platform gives businesses the freedom to “drag, drop, and export” all the necessary information they need to service their in-moment customer feedback needs within a matter of a few clicks.

  5. Finally, we’re the first to bring Voice and AI into real-moment feedback. There is no denying that using voice enabled technology is the future; even PwC’s findings support that claim. By using technologies like voice, we are going to free up immense time for the customer. Not only that, using techniques like Natural Language Processing allow businesses to have access to more information, ultimately helping them shape their customers’ future experiences.

(Full disclosure: these final two points are specifically why it’s an exciting time to invest in Twistar)

If you want to learn more about what we’re doing at Twistar and how our solutions are currently helping businesses improve their customer experience through customer feedback, reach out and let’s start a conversation.