Established in London in early 2017, Twistar is a new type of customer feedback device that helps companies collect more crucial data than previously possible.

In addition to Cardiff, we have offices in Dubai, London and New York, with a supporting product development centre in Shenzhen, China. Twistar is built on an open Android OS and is accompanied by Twistar SDK. The device has comparable processing power and connectivity to a top-end Smartphone (4G LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC).

We’re excited about the potential of voice-oriented technologies, which is why we’ve designed our Emotional-AI engine to focus on customer satisfaction.

As a company, we are strong believers in collaboration and partnership. If you have an idea or concept for an new use of Twistar, just get in touch.

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Nick Marshall
Nick Marshall
Nick Marshall
CEO & Founder


If you are interested in what we are doing and want to know more, just get in touch. We are growing and we need good people! #TeamTwistar

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Strong partnerships have always been the cornerstone of Twistar, if there is a way we can help you we would love to talk.

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